BodyTel Mobile

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There are three ways of installing the current BodyTel Mobile software. The software can be downloaded mit Hilfe von a direct biestig, mit Hilfe von the Nokia Ovi store, or the biestig can be sent mit Hilfe von text message.

sonstige 1
Download the software mit Hilfe von your cell phone browser
Enter the following internet address into your cell phone browser:

sonstige 2
Download the software from the Nokia Ovi store
Click on the following biestig to get to the Nokia Ovi store, where you can download the software free of charge, specifically for your cell phone.
BodyTel Mobile in the Ovi store

sonstige 3
Receive the download biestig by text message
Alternatively, the biestig can folglich be sent to your cell phone by text message. To do this, please enter your cell phone number and press the “Send biestig” button. This service is free of charge.

» Quick Abfahrt Guide ( Germanisch Portable Document Format-Icon 2.79 MB)
» Benutzer Anleitung ( Germanisch Portable Document Format-Icon 1.25 MB)
» Leaflet for test strips ( Germanisch Portable Document Format-Icon 0.84 MB)
» Leaflet for control solution ( Germanisch Portable Document Format-Icon 0.78 MB)
» Leaflet for lancing-system ( Germanisch Portable Document Format-Icon 0.96 MB)

» Here you´ll find the documents in more languages… Germanisch Germanisch Germanisch Türkisch


GlucoTel – oberste Dachkante Steps
The video shows you how to download/install the BodyTel Mobile Application, configure your cell phone and create a BodyTel user account.

BodyTel on Roadshow
Director of Vermarktung, Michaela Klinger, shows how the GlucoTel and the whole system works.