PressureTel – Blood Pressure under Control

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PressureTel is a telemedical blood pressure monitoring and management system. It is used to provide complete and simple documentation of all blood pressure levels and for simple entry of additional information (meals, medication, physical activities, etc.).  Users include people with cardiac diseases and people affected by the metabolic syndrome.

The sensor is part of BodyTel’s three-level system containing a Bluetooth-enabled device, an app for compatible mobile phones or tablets and the angeschlossen patient diary BodyTel Center.

  • PressureTel (Blood pressure measuring device with Bluetooth technology)
  • BodyTel Mobile (Mobile app for compatible cell phones/tablets)
  • BodyTel Center (Verbunden portal with patient records )
Technical Data:
Weight: 270 g (9.552 oz) (including batteries)
Monitor size: 50 x 41 mm (1.9 x 1.6 in)
Blood pressure measurement range: Systolic (SYS): 70 to 260 mmHg
Diastolic (DIA): 30 to 180 mmHg
Pulse (PULSE): 40 to 240 beats mittels minute
Pressure accuracy: +/- 3 mmHg in display range
Measurement duration: 30 seconds (normotonous)
Batteries: 2 AA-batteries
Number of measurements mittels battery lifetime:
> 800 measurements
Umsteigemöglichkeit: Bluetooth class II (20m (65.62 ft) range)
Memory capacity: 99 measurements
Operating temperature: 10 to 40 ºC (50 to 104 ºF)
Operating humidity: 15 % to 90 % relative humidity
Measurement method:

PressureTel is covered by the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC) and is approved by the FDA.