BodyTel™ Center

All values measured with BodyTel devices are sent wirelessly via Bluetooth through a cell phone or home gateway into the patient’s online record. All patient records are located in a secure database, which is part of the medically approved overall system. This database can be accessed via BodyTel Center (online portal www.bodytel.com). All patients’ data remains in the exclusive property of the patient who has access to these values in the personal online record.

With the optional monitoring function the patient alone may permit third parties (e.g. doctors or family members) to view the record. The caregivers can independently decide whether they want to receive real-time alerts via text message, e-mail or fax for every incoming measurement value, only for unusual ones or none at all. These granted monitoring rights can be withdrawn any time by the patient.

The online diary “BodyTel-Center” provides comprehensive displays and summary functions. In the “patient overview” you are able to categorize user. Based on predetermined rules and color coding, you are able to easily identify user whose values are good (green), user needing increased caution (yellow) or direct intervention (red). This tool enables doctors or medical caregivers to monitor and control the measurement behavior a large number of patients or participants of a clinical study.