Our Customers

BodyTel offers different solutions to a number of different customer groups.


Patients & Caregivers

The BodyTel™ solutions address people who want to care for their family and friends suffering from chronical diseases, to be able to bridge any distances. This might happen in case of school people, grandparents, friends living far away, while the caregiver want to know if his favourites are doing well.
Medical advisers use the BodyTel™ system to be able to obtain all-over documentation and, if authorized, watch the parameters. This way, overdone physician visits can be reduced, as well as smaller problems to be cleared on the phone, without the necessity the patient to visit the doctor’s office personally.
Also people who do not use the telemonitoring solution benefit daily from the BodyTel™ system as the documentation is done automatically, avoiding paper works.


Integrators of Sensors and the Medical Data Cloud

Other than providing an interface description of our telemedical blood glucose meter GlucoTel™, we offer partners to connect their solutions with our Medical Data Cloud.


Insurance Companies & Telemonitoring Centers

A large share of the costs of the health system is caused by the treatment of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, obesity or chronic cardiac insufficiency. The use of telemedicine can improve the treatment condition of patients and reduce costs: Negative values ​​ can be detected faster, without creating additional costs for regular doctors’ visits and therapy can be optimized for the patient.
For health insurances telemedical care programs offer several advantages: they offer patients a better treatment and reduce their own costs. With this outstanding feature they establish themselves on the market in the face of fierce competition with other health insurance funds or private insurances.


Medical Technology & Pharmaceutical Companies

Telemedicine is a market of the future. Even medical technology or pharmaceutical companies, which have had little or even no contact with these technologies yet, identify new market opportunities here. They can position themselves with innovative products and use telemedicine and telemonitoring to become full-service companies that can much better get to know and bind their patients to their company.