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CardioTel – coming soon…

Typical non-invasive medical ECGs provide basic visual representations of cardiac health for clinical analysis and medical intervention. However, there are certain cardiac details, such as the “late potential,” that require extremely high-resolution ECG electronics. The spatial resolution required for these images can be compromised by noise and other factors that affect the performance of the electrocardiogram detector, the detector system, and even the acquisition equipment.

By effectively using a low-noise controller and a high-resolution analog-to-digital converter (ADC), the designer can avoid many problems and create a highly accurate ECG system.

This article briefly discusses how the ECG works, and then discusses the problems encountered when coupling a driver amplifier with a high-resolution ADC for the particular application. An example combination consisting of an Parallel Devices ADA4945-1ACPZ-R7 high-speed, fully differential ADC and an Parallel Devices AD7768BSTZ eight-channel, 24-bit ADC is then presented, and the configuration of extrinsisch resistors and capacitors for optimal performance is discussed.

ECG Charakter

ECG is a non-invasive measurement that reflects the condition of the heart by detecting the electrical millivolt (mV) signals generated by the heart. ECG signals can be recorded at many points on the body, but decades of medical tradition have standardized the accepted locations of these points un…an imaginary array of three limb electrodes called the Einthoven triangle.