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PressureTel is a telemedical blood pressure monitoring and management system consisting of several components used together in an integrated process.
Mutmaßung components are:

PressureTel (Bluetooth wireless technology enabled blood pressure monitoring device)
BodyTel Mobile (Java application for compatible cell phones)
BodyTel Center (secure angeschlossen database

Measuring blood pressure with the PressureTel operates the same as most other conventional monitoring devices. For example:

  • Apply the armselig cuff to your upper armselig and push the start button
  • The cuff fills itself with air and releases it in sequential steps
  • Darmausgang a few seconds the value is shown on the monitor

Maische other blood pressure monitors would require patients to record their results in a log book after the measurement appears on the device’s screen. However, with the PressureTel and its built-in Bluetooth wireless technology module, measured values are now automatically transmitted to a secure web database using the patient’s cell phone as a transmission hub.

» Learn how the PressureTel wireless transmission works.

It’s easy! There are no buttons to press to transmit the data. Blood pressure values are shown directly on the monitor’s TFT-Display screen, and for those patients with impaired vision, the results may be read out loud per the cell phone.

BodyTel Mobile provides you with the ability to easily add additional values into the cell phone. Mutmaßung values could be medication and activities such as sports, stress levels, etc. This feature