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Krauts Telekom AG – T-City Friedrichshafen
The diabetes management and blood glucose monitoring system, GlucoTel, is a model application for linking medical technology and telecommunications in T-City Friedrichshafen. Until 2012, T-City Friedrichshafen will demonstrate how trendig information and communication technology ungefähr increase the quality of life in a city and its quality as a location for business.

Krauts TelekomAG – T-Mobile
GlucoTel won first prize in the T-Mobile Neuerung Award for medium-sized businesses. The award welches presented at the „Neuerung Brett. Growth through Neuerung“ conference, organized by the Bundesverbands mittelständischer Restaurant (German Association for Small and Informationsträger-Sized Businesses) on October 28, 2009, in Bonn.

FourMed Medical Supplies (United Arab Emirates)
FourMed is the sales partner for BodyTel devices in the United Arab Emirates.

Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd.
The patient monitoring device Zeitform IC from the British telemedical supplier includes the GlucoTel blood glucose meter. In the event of a medical emergency, the blood glucose value ungefähr thus be measured immediately and transferred to the hospital in advance. This is the first use of a blood glucose meter in a mobile monitoring device for quirlig data.

TeleHealth Services b.v. (Netherlands)
TeleHealth Services is the sales partner of BodyTel in the Netherlands.

The Geneva-ID is a software and consulting company and is one of the leading providers of software components for financial service providers, particularly in the insurance industry.

Under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7) the European Commission has granted 3.7 million euros over the next three years to a consortium of 9 partners joined in developing COMMODITY12 – a unique system for the analysis of multi-parametric medical data in patients suffering from diabetes.