BodyTel GmbH

The Telehealth Company

BodyTel is a German telemedicine company, which has developed a comprehensive monitoring and management system for chronic illnesses. The aim is to provide patients and persons authorized by patients (e.g. medical professionals or family members) with the most up to date and precise information possible about the patient. Decisions about changes of treatment can thus be made more quickly, secondary illnesses can be minimized, and quality of life can be improved.

We combine knowledge from the fields of telecommunication, internet, and medical technology to develop new products and services for the treatment and support of people with chronic illnesses.

Stefan Schraps
Managing Director
Stefan Schraps is one of the founders of BodyTel. He is responsible for strategically bringing life to the BodyTel concept. Stefan Schraps previously held senior management positions in several other companies. These included more than ten years in IT and IT security companies. Before joining BodyTel, he was head of operational business at a global IT company that develops products for the telecommunications market. He graduated in economics from the University of Hannover and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia Southern University, Georgia, USA.

Michaela Klinger
Head of Marketing & Business Development Manager
Michaela Klinger has been at BodyTel since the very beginning. Before joining the company, she was Marketing Director at an innovative German IT company. Michaela Klinger is a graduate in media management. Her thesis on the subject of „Viral Marketing“ was published in Germany. Since 2008, she has also been responsible for international sales, key account management and development of new business areas.

Heiner Emden
Head of Development
Heiner Emden holds a Master Degree in Computer Sience and works for BodyTel since 2013. He coordinates all internal and external developer teams and is responsible for the constant evolution of BodyTel's Monitoring- und Management Systems.